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Hardware Design

We architect the right solution according to your varying hardware needs, be it low power or a high performance criteria. With fast prototyping and strong design expertise, we speed up your time-to- market and deliver cost optimized and stable designs.

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Software Development

Give your devices a whole range of functionalities that enable them to listen, communicate, and report with our competent embedded software development services across different platforms and OS.

Product Certifications

Don’t let the complexities of getting your products certified and approved hinder you from hitting the market on time. Every industry has it’s set of regulations over geographies, and we’ll help you bag those regulatory approvals through rigorous optimization. We ingrain compliance from the design phase, thoroughly review designs for compliance, facilitate prescans, and solve last-minute certification issues as well. We’ll steer you through EMI/EMC compliance, environmental tests, and major regulatory approvals like FCC, CE, UL, and BIS.

Scaled manufacturing of products

Productizing an embedded solution is highly challenging, from sourcing components to assembling and shipping the products. Working with efficient production houses, we’ll take care of manufacturing your products apart from design optimizations and designing test jigs and fixtures for production testing.

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