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How CINICLOUD solved a real world problem using embedded services from Radinno Labs?


Move your theatre to the cloud and manage from anywhere

Cinicloud provides a fully cloud-based SAAS-based ticketing system. It is an all-inclusive cloud-based theatre and ticketing platform with its headquarters in India. Cinicloud enables you to automate everything from seat layout to screen management to financial management, POS booking, parking management, food and beverage management, employee management, internet ticketing, and sales management across cinemas and locations.

Cinicloud creates excellence in cloud-based ticketing systems and is now the Most Powerful Cloud Based Cinema Ticketing Engine in the world. Founded based on Technology and Innovation, Cinicloud is leading the way.


Cinicloud Team is known for its passion, innovation and speed across India. They moved the entire ticketing system to the cloud and provided a simple yet seamless pureplay SaaS-based ticketing system.

Working closely with theatre owners and film distributors they unearthed a perennial problem they were facing – keeping track of seat occupancy for films.

So they envisioned an IoT device to detect seat occupancy. And set out with the below objectives to achieve their vision:

Solving Seat Occupancy

Build an innovative IoT product to look over the seat occupancy count in real time.

Elucidating the sensor

A purpose built sensor should be designed, calibrated and tuned.

Frugal Design

The design of the sensor should be simple and cost effective.

Exhibiting in Cinemacon!

Demonstrate the product at Cinemacon expo held in the United States and to attract customers.

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Cinicloud chose to collaborate with Radinno Labs to bring their vision to life. Together we worked towards building an end to end solution to solve the customer’s problem in super quick time. The how:

Innovation = Revolution

Manually counting the number of seats at each screen was impractical. Cinicloud wanted to address this issue using IoT.

Radinno designed the IoT product to sense seat occupancy and use a combination of Bluetooth mesh & WiFi to make that data available at the backend in real-time. Making it easier for the stakeholders to monitor the number of occupied and unoccupied seats.

Optimization of the sensor

Finding the seat occupancy amidst a plethora of user behaviors was a task, as reliability was key. The product should also be able to differentiate between humans and objects.

Radinno designed an IoT sensor to be installed under each and every seat. The sensor then was calibrated, tuned to distinguish between humans and objects.

Minimalistic design

Given the necessity for a high number of these sensors, the materials used shouldn’t be prohibitively expensive. And the design should also be simple to integrate these sensors in the theaters.

Radinno used a simple and inexpensive material to construct the sensor. So the overall product, including the casing and cabling, was cost viable in large volumes.

Cinema-con 2020

Cinicloud was partaking in Cinemacon, which was held in the United States. And they wanted to showcase a working prototype in the exhibit. Which meant there was a hard deadline of 15 days to fully finish the prototype!

Radinno accelerated to build the prototype in TEN DAYS. Cinicloud then built the app around the product in JUST ONE DAY!


At the end of the collaboration this what CINICLOUD and Radinno Labs achieved:

  • Built a rapid prototype in less than 15 days
  • Designed a fully functional end to end product
  • Demo’d the product to prospective customers

[Unfortunately the expo was cancelled due to Covid-19. Therefore the prototype and the app were not showcased at the expo. Demos were done to local customers]

Sensor Design

BLE Mesh

Gateway to Cloud

Battery Powered

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It is always a pleasure to work with Mani and Dani of Radinno labs. They give great emphasis to technical excellence, attention to detail and customer service. We had a wonderful experience working with them.

George Christopher

Co-Founder, CTO, MacAppStudio

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