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How Alphind created innovation and built technology using embedded services from Radinno Labs?


Digital Health. Disrupted.

Alphind provides a range of technical healthcare solutions from its base in Charlotte, North Carolina. Encompassing everything from keeping daily records to tracking falls, and seizures, and providing cutting-edge tools to address technological issues. Alphind collaborates with healthcare facilities, aids them in overcoming challenges, and lowers technological and human barriers.

Alphind creates excellence by creating scalable software solutions and powerful health-tech solutions. Named as one of the top 10 practice management solution companies, they are leading their way in the healthcare industry.


The quality and value of Alphind’s products have long been recognized. Throughout the healthcare sector, they supply technology solutions working with managed care organizations (MCOs) to strategize, optimize, and create world-class software solutions.

They decided to go deeper in value creation with their first foray into hardware.

They envisioned an innovative hardware product which will revolutionalize healthcare. And they set out with the following objectives in mind to realize that vision.

Digital Health. Disrupted Again!

Build an intuitive hardware product for the elderly, with astounding features and innovation.

Demystify the right technology

Choose the appropriate technology for the product to achieve data precision and accurate results.

Leverage the Power of AI

Build Artificial Intelligence in the CLOUD to process data and make critical real-time decisions.

Field testing the product

Run field trial deployments of the product to train the AI and optimize the user experience

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Before talking with Radinno, Alphind did some good ground work. With those observations they curated a set of clear objectives to help realize the product. In Radinno they found the ideal partner with the necessary technology and domain expertise to bring the product to life.

We listened intently to understand their mission & product requirements and worked towards accomplish their objectives, which were:

UWB vs MMWave radar

Initially Alphind explored UWB to detect people within a room. But the datapoints were incredibly unreliable and inaccurate.

In their stead Radinno helped explore MMWave Radar [millimeter wave radar]. The technology, already used in cars and automatic door applications, proved to be a lot more effective for the usecase.

A Techie Team!

An experienced multidisciplinary team was required to put together the distinctive collection of features that included RF [Radio Frequency], IoT and SoC [System on Chip] based technology.

Radinno with its breath of knowledge and experience in RF design and IOT products were the perfect fit to build what was envisioned.

Tuning the Radar

MMWave radar is intended for multiple applications, among which human detection was the one in focus. Tuning the radar for the usecase needed a thorough understanding of the RF parameters and interface.

Radinno dug deeper to understand the RF characteristics of the radar module and the configuration parameters to tune it in such a way that it worked effectively with the field of operation i.e. the room and detected humans in real time.

Big Data collection

The AI needed the RAW datapoints from the user environment at the CLOUD server for processing and decision making *[PS: The volume of data was huge]*

Radinno’s implementation read the compressed point cloud data from the radar through a high speed interface and decompressed the raw data for storage & transmission.

Specialized Mechanicals

ALPHIND started with standard casings to enclose the hardware for deployment. But these casings impacted the RF signals and created noise in the datapoints. In effect the algorithm started to break down.


Radinno did in-depth research into the behavior of the radar with various casing materials, paints and textures. We eventually designed a new 3D printable casing and built it with the right material & finish to ensure a noiseless RF operation.

Deployment control

Given the product usecase the size of the room and the method of mounting will vary for each deployment. So it was essential to have configuration control over the boundaries of operation and antenna angle.

Radinno built the software and the mechanicals in such a way that it was possible to easily configure it for the deployment environment. Overall the industrialization was done in a way that made it easy to test, setup, and deploy quickly.


To ALPHIND the first version of the product was only an MVP. They had plans to integrate more sensors and expand the datapoints for indept decision making using AI

Radinno put together a complete hardware roadmap for them with a unique design approach which will enable faster upgrades and iteration on the product.


At the end of collaboration this is what Alphind and Radinno Labs achieved in TWO MONTH’s time:

  • Used MMWave radar for people detection and tracking.
  • Designed, built and tested a fully finished end to end product.
  • Created a detailed Product roadmap for future versions.
  • Initiated Field trials with amiable customers and demos for investors.

MMWave Radar

Artificial Intelligence

System On Chip Design

High Speed Interface

Consumer Grade Mechanicals

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The partnership, research, and development of artificial intelligence(AI) human motion sensors to detect human presence, distress, and fall detection using edge(IoT) telemetry and advanced sensors is a great team effort. Expertise in circuit design, precision PCB, and designing sensor by Radinnolabs is commendable. Radinnolabs experience in this area is very much a go-to partner. We appreciate Radinnolabs long-lasting relationship with us.

Ram Nathamuni

Alphind Solutions

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