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How ACTON designed a NextGen Motor Controller using embedded services from Radinno Labs?


Intelligent Micromobility. Electrified.

ACTON, headquartered in Silicon Valley, offers Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) solution packages from multimodal vehicles to advanced IoT to move people and goods efficiently & intelligently. ACTON partners with automakers, cities, ride-share operators, and private property owners to make our cities better places to live.

ACTON is unique in its range of mobility solutions on offer and creates excellence in riding dynamics, safety, serviceability, ease of use, design aesthetics, and sustainability. With over 100 patents, more than 100 cities globally, tens of millions of rides, ACTON is leading the way.


ACTON’s products were well known for their high quality and reliability. Hundreds of cities and companies around the world use ACTON’s next-gen software and connected hardware solutions to reduce their carbon footprint. They are rapidly scaling up operations in more and more cities.

But they had bigger vision and were not ready to relax.

They wanted to move from being a key player to a market leader. They wanted to build their nextgen products which were future ready. So they set out with the below goals to acheive their vision.

Intelligent Micromobility. Electrified.

Build innovative features in the product which would go on to become the gold standard in the market

Stand out from the crowd

Create a differentiation (uniqueness) in their product offerings to stand out from the crowd

Reduce Operator hassle

Increase the configurability, ease of deployment, ease of use, ease of control and serviceability of their products to reduce operator hassle

Improve their Bottomline

Increase the operational efficiency of their business to improve their bottom line

Achieve your micromobility goals through us


To achieve their goals, ACTON defined some stringent targets both in terms of product and timeline. With these in hand they set out to find the right team to partner with. Radinno Labs was one of the many teams ACTON evaluated. We traveled closely with them from day 1 to understand their vision and meet their targets, which were:

Very very very Rapid Prototype

Build a very very very rapid prototype to convince investors and customers.

Radinno accelerated the design and development process to build a 90% functional prototype for demo in THREE MONTHS.

Upgrade All

ACTON’s offering included a variety of vehicles from kick scooters to ebikes. And they had plans to build newer and bigger vehicles. They wanted to upgrade the motor controller for all their products.

Radinno built engineered the motor controller such that it can be customized and fit into any of the vehicles.

Multifunctional Team

ACTON had spec’d out a unique set of features which needed a multi-functional team to build.

Radinno with it’s unique set of expertise in both Motor Controllers and IOT fit the bill perfectly to build what was envisioned

Design to Mass Production Support

ACTON being a product oriented company wanted to be lean and needed a team who take care of the E2E engineering aspects under their leadership

Radinno as a B2B service provider took care of design, development, procurement, manufacturing and testing. We traveled to Silicon Valley to integrate and demonstrate the production ready board to the whole team.

Deployment control (Integration, configurations & testing)

ACTON wanted the motor controller to be designed from a ease of deployment point of view.

Radinno designed the motor controller in such a way that it can be one touch configured, tested handily and deployed super quick

COVID-19 Supply Chain Challenge

ACTON started this journey just when COVID-19 was growing as a threat. But they knew time and tide waits for no one.

And so did Radinno. We developed the product through multiple waves of COVID and Lockdown restrictions. Leveraged our vendor network to find suppliers and manufacturers for the prototypes. By the time COVID started to go down and the market started opening up the Product was ready.


At the end of the collaboration this what ACTON and Radinno Labs achieved:

  • Built the First Prototype in 3 Months
  • Completed the Production ready Motor Controller
  • Demo’d the product to all stakeholders

All Vehicle Design

Multiple Motor Support

Wide Torque Range

8 Innovative add-on features

Onboard User Control

Onboard Accessory Support


OTA Upgradable

Quote Green

Team Radinno’s top notch technical expertise has helped us build our next generation of new products. They brought great quality of work and a collaborative working style to the table. Beyond just getting the job done they travelled together with us through COVID times to create a win win project!

Janelle Wang

CEO, Acton Space

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