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Accelerate Products with Radinno Labs

Embedded products created at the speed of mobile apps

100,000+  new mobile apps offering varied functionalities are released every month. Yet, fabricating a single embedded solution takes months together. Building a smart device doesn’t have to take that long. We’re changing the way physical products are fabricated from scratch so that you don’t lose out to your competitors.

Low speed electric vehicles powered by Radinno Labs

Embedded solutions for Electric vehicles

Smart building enabled by Radinno Labs

Smart buildings and cities

IOT solutions for Telematics by Radinno Labs

IoT – based fleet management

Accelerated product innovation is our heartbeat

Radinno stands for “Radio Innovation” and true to our name we’ve taken up off-beat projects that require novel solutions and strong technical muscle. Bounce off your ideas and we’re ready to experiment, learn, and grow together in our embedded solutions laboratory.

We exist to revolutionize the way embedded products are developed

Fast-paced development 

No, you don’t have to get stuck in the rut of endless design alterations and verifications. Hit the market on time with our rapid development process.

Design-to-market support

We’ll assist you through every step of the product cycle, right from the ideation phase to full-scale manufacturing of products.

Custom-built solutions

Off-the-shelf modules don’t tick all the boxes in your product wish list. Tell us your product idea and we’ll customize the perfect solution for you.

Strong technical fibre

Wireless, IoT, or drones. You name it and we’ll get the suitable technology up and running with our deep technical acumen.

Demystifying embedded product development

We want you to build game-changing products without worrying about the technologies that bind them. The next time you want to create a super-smart device, don’t let the complexities of embedded systems baffle you. Leave the technical heavy lifting to us and go dazzle the market on time.

We’re waiting to listen to your next
big product idea.

Team of passionate engineers at Radinno Labs