Accelerating product startups with innovative loT and embedded solutions

Turn your product ideas into reality at lightning speed with our novel and agile embedded solutions and product engineering services.

Radinno Labs creating and building Ideas

Guiding you from product concept to full-fledged manufacturing

Whether you’re the head of a budding startup or a seasoned entrepreneur with a quest for product innovation, don’t let a lengthy product life cycle stop you from turning your fresh ideas into viable smart products. At Radinno Labs, we give life to your product concepts super-quick with our end-to-end loT solutions and embedded design services.
Building a new product at Radinno labs

Product certifications

Decode the complex puzzle of product compliance and certifications from EMI/EMC compliance to environmental tests, and regulatory approvals like FCC, CE, UL, and BIS.

Design prototyping

Tell us your product concept and we’ll create rapid prototypes along with detailed feasibility checks and product costing.

Embedded hardware design and development

Get your bundle of embedded hardware essentials like schematics, BOM, PCB design files, Gerber, and simulations delivered in top-notch quality.

Embedded software development

Add the smart quotient to your embedded devices with securely developed software including bootloaders, firmware, embedded Linux, and RTOS among others.

Pilot builds and mass production

Sharing strong ties with production houses, we’ll take care of all your manufacturing efforts in product industrialization, design optimizations, production testing, and mass production.

Partner with us to build smart IoT products

There’s always something brewing at RLabs

Before you dismiss your next idea as improbable, bring it to RLabs – our open house of tech enthusiasts and passionate entrepreneurs. We strongly believe in listening to fresh ideas and nurturing it with the right set of technologies. Grab a cup of coffee and sit down with us to brainstorm, collaborate, and create innovative products together.
Open House at Radinno Labs for brainstorming ideas

Gear up your product startup with high-quality
embedded and IoT solutions