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Rad products we have built so far

A Motor Controller board for low speed electric two-wheelers with FOC control and many sophisticated features including dual motor support, anti-theft protection, regenerative braking etc.

Vehicle Control Unit​

A Telematics board for electric vehicles with inbuilt GPS, 4G/LTE-M/NB IoT connectivity and bluetooth support. The board also integrates a seven segment display driver and an onboard battery backup.

Vehicle Telematics

A Radar control board for an Agri drone used to measure the soil parameters of the field. The product features a wide range frequency synthesizer and high resolution ADC channels for signal measurement.

Agri Drone

A Healthcare device that uses mmWave radar technology to monitor people movement within a room in a non-intrusive manner. Besides processing large volumes of data the system also paves way for edge computing usecases

Healthcare Device

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